The Indomitable

The flagship of the dynasty, she was bought by Regias Fortunous when he ascended to his position as head of the house.
She is a Dauntless-class light cruiser, armed with an entirely laser armament.

The Cult of the Chain
The ship was originally armed with batteries of macrocannons. As the ship began to operate away from supply lines, an older Rogue Trader dictated the Indomitable be refitted entirely to laser batteries. Although she would still need resupplies for her capacitors, wiring and other materials, the elimination of the demands of ammunition would be vital.
This did not sit well with the gun crews. Many fewer voidsmen would be needed. The existing social structure was to be demolished. Some were thrown out of work entirely.
Some of the dispossessed grouped around a slender man. It is unclear who this man was before he assumed the title of “Steel Prophet.”
Forechapel Deacon Olretz believes the man may have been Loader-Chain Topsman Nizick. Nizick was noted for his size (more properly, lack thereof) and leadership ability. He seemingly vanished at the time his gun was dismantled.
The Steel Prophet declared himself the voice of the Heavy Chain, the spirit of the Indomitable. He claimed the installation of the lasers angered the ship, and she would awake from her long slumber in a rage. He decried the “false purity of the misguided light,” and gathered many to his cult. The center was discovered inside one of the old ammo bunkers by Deacon Olretz. He lead a group of Divine Flagellants to wipe it out.
They did so, killing the Steel Prophet in the process. The cult was driven deep into the underdecks. In an attempt to save the ship, they began minor acts of sabotage.
Olretz rode his success to his position as the ship’s bishop, confident the cult would die out.
It did not. Spreading through the underdecks, it found a great deal of appeal with the mutants. Even the hullghasts seemed to respect the priests, wrapped in their chains.
The biggest danger came when the port batteries failed in the battle against Eldar pirates that nearly decapitated the dynasty. Thinking the “False Light” had failed the crew, the mutants rose up. They threw dozens of crew into the plasma containment field, shorted out capacitors and attacked armsmen fighting off a boarding attempt.
But the armsmen, encouraged by Olretz, drove the mutants back to the underdecks or into the arms of the Eldar pirates.
At some point the cultists came into contact with someone, or something, called “Azaret.” The crew continues to try and determine what this is.

Her Memory
The Indomitable is ancient, especially her mind. Her engines may be comparatively new (if Ryza-built) and her Gellar fields may be from the younger days, but she remembers and knows much.
If these young ones knew the right questions and machine spirits to ask, she could tell many things.
The Indomitable also speaks, but to others ships. She looks at them and examines them, remembering them forever. Humans may claim to never forget a face, but the Indomitable never forgets a hull. And she is proud of herself, telling those other vessels about herself.
Even when the crew battles xenos, she tries to learn their names. In some time, in ages past, she learned enough Eldar to name their craft. Even in the shifts those vessels undergo, she can guess at what they are called.
When she meets Navy vessels they sometimes talk about knew threats. She learns the names of the foes of the deep void and waits to meet them in battle.
Sometimes in the quiet of a dull watch, she names them, their images and names sliding down dark screens.
The lower crew whisper she visits them in her dreams, talking to them of what she has done since they last met and what she will do next.
Somewhere in the huge datastacks is a more complete listing of vessels then Battlefleet Calixis will ever have, one that Cypra Mundi would love to know.
But she probably wouldn’t share. To remember is to awaken and another trip to Cypra Mundi is unlikely to excite her enough to awake her.


The Arboretum
A large and delicately laid out space, it combines beauty with practicality. Not only does it ensure the Indomitable can operate in the void for a solid year without resupply, it provides much needed space to relax and think.

Observation Dome

The Barracks
Made only of the finest materials, with the most tried-and-true plans, the barracks currently houses the Hurricanes of Dolat. It is here they drill, train and wait for the next time their deadly skills will be required.

Navigator’s Sanctum
A key element is Haddon’s wine cellar. It is filled with thousands of bottles and barrels. The barrels are given out as gifts to the common crew and soldiery.

The Indomitable

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