Saint Angevins Fury

The St. Angevin’s Fury was laid down during debates over the canonization of the Lord General. Some nameless scribe decided to enter the name as “Saint Angevin,” overstepping his position in his anticipation.
Most of the readings of the Emperor’s Tarot were positive, with the repeated appearance of The Rock. Despite this concerning symbol, Magos Heather Twelve-Alpha dictated her launch.
Her shakedown cruise went well and she was sent on a flag-waving mission to several local systems. Her spine-built style gave her a dramatic, high-sided figure that cut its way though the void.
With the second planet, things began to go wrong. A minor collision with an asteroid on the port side suddenly shattered a delicate conduit and filled the engine room with fires as hot as Muslin’s sun. Within fifteen minutes, she was in the orbit of Muslin II and falling to the surface.
Desperate employment of the ships few functioning maneuvering thrusters kept her from breaking up completely.
There she lay for centuries until a Rogue Trader found her. It nearly broke his dynasty to lift her up, and he was forced to join with a planetary governor to refit her. The wreck was joined with the engines from a drifting hulk of a Carnage-class cruiser.
She became a common trader, with only a few macrocannons in her bow. But no one was willing to attack a battlecruiser. Who would use a battlecruiser as a simple freighter?
Fortunately the Fortunous Dyansty took control of the ship and refitted her in a manner worthy of a warship.
Now she carries decks of plasma broadsides, attack craft bays and vicious lances. She has already proven her worth in a major fleet engagement.
Her symbol is Angevin, his face blurred by a halo, holding a chainsword.

  • Navigator’s Sanctum
    The vel Halths completely rebuilt the sanctum when the Fury underwent her transformation from ingnoble freigher to a true warship. They coated the halls in opulence and reminders of the vel Halth’s trips in the warp.
    They removed the covers of the sanctum, as Haddon saw in The Indomitable’s Sanctum. Once again, only a Navigator can be in the sanctum while the ship is in the Warp.
  • The Lucky Coins: One of the two squadrons of bombers aboard the ship. They managed to easily defeat an entire wing of Swiftdeath fighters that attempted to ambush them.
  • Angry Shovels: This is one of the bomber squadrons. During arguments with pirates on Footfall, a massive fight broke out. The pilots and crew grabbed the nearest tools to aid in the fight. Those happened to be shovels.
  • Golden Goslings: The supposedly superior of the two fighter squadrons in the starboard launch bay. They were instrumental in unsettling the Eldar during the Battle of the Styrxis Maps.
  • Haddon’s Faithful: The allegedly lesser of the two fighter squadrons in the starboard bay. They earned their moniker for their commander, Flight Lieutenant Jumioz’s unexpected popularity with Haddon vel Halth. Jumioz is known for is girth, poor humor and incisive wit. The Lucky Coins, safe on the other side of the ship, are known to claim he needs to be lowered into his cockpit. However, he is simply a big man who likes to eat. The fact his bionic leg grinds, sparks and is painful to move on exacerbates his weight issues.

Dead Man’s Court
There’s legend amongst the crew of the St. Angevin’s Fury, kept secret from the officers. At times, unknown agents in a specific uniform appear to crew members operating in pairs. They state, in no uncertain terms, that the crew members are to come with.
The subjects are lead through a winding route through the ship, one that gets even the most experienced voidsmen lost. Then they are ushered through a surprisingly ornate and well-maintained door into a court room. Here they are called to give testimony about current life aboard ships to judge the souls of dead crew from throughout the Expanse. The crew serves as expert witnesses as lawyers cross-examine them.
The crew are handsomely compensated in the low decks currency of the Fury.

The Hole
The Hole is the unimaginative term for the area left by the ramming of the Rak’Gol. The emergency repairs consisted solely of replacing the two hulls and placing massive supports to hold the hulls out.
It is now a leaky zone, where the only atmosphere comes from supposedly sealed sections of the ship. Gravity is mostly non-existent.
The braces are formed by reforged wreckage. Their installation was uncaring, ignoring the local structures. One passes directly through the Petty Officer Mess on Deck 14C. The “sophisticated” flatware was stolen before the repair crews arrived. The officer class is more concerned about the theft of fuel for the ovens and stoves.
The majority of the weapons from the burst arms lockers were recovered. However, a not-insignificant number are missing.
A number of people have fled to the area, most of them to avoid ship’s justice. The most famous is the Forestspeaker of the people of Arena. Its unclear how the atmosphere is piped into the heavily draped area.
The crew claims a few of the Rak’Gol still live in the wreck. This is declaimed by anyone who knows anything about that species. They would have attacked already.

Spiralhorn herd
Unlike most ships, the Fury maintains a colection of Spiralhorns as the primary livestock. This goes back to the lifting of the Fury, when the Spirahorns were released into the ship as food and an atmosphere test. They were more available than Grox, as they are the preferred food on the local worlds.
The Spiralhorns have two advantages over Grox- they do not need a lobotomy to remain docile and their meat is tastier. However, they are much more vulnerable to atmospheric shifts. This a major negative on a spaceship, where such things are expected. Their hides are flimsy and not suitable for most leatherwork. And their horns have a disturbing tendancy to snag themselves on ship components.
The creatures are butchered in a labrythine section built through a former plasma conduit network, lighted by the power relays for the reserve maneuvering engines.

Saint Angevins Fury

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