Godfrey Branic

Fleet Master-at-Arms


Path: Arch Militant
Rank: 5
Homeworld: Smokestack
Motivation: Endurance


WS: 41 BS: 57 S: 50 T: 47 Ag: 45 Int: 35 WP: 30 Per: 32 Fel: 21

Corruption: 5 Wounds: 12 Insanity: 1

Acrobatics (Ag): +10%
Awareness (Per): +20%
Barter (Fel): X
Carouse (Fel): X
Charm (Fel): X
Climb (S): X
Command (Fel): +10%
Common Lore (Int)
Technology: +10%
Machine Cult: XX
War: +20%

Dodge(Ag): +20%
Ground Vehicles: XX
Forbidden Lore (Int)
Adeptus Mechanicus: XX
Intimidate (S): +20%
Literacy (Int): XX
Medicae: XX
Scholastic Lore (Int)
Tactica Imperialis: +10%
Scrutiny (Per): X
Search (Per): X
Secret Tongue (Int)
Military: +10%
Silent Move (Ag)
Speak Language (Int)
Low Gothic
Swim (S): X
Tech-Use (Int):
Tracking (Int): XX
Trade (Int): XX

Talents & Traits

Technical Knock Un-jam a gun as a half-action.
Stranger to the Cult See background
Quick Draw Ready as a free action
Dark Soul Take half penalty on malignancy tests
Jealous Freedom See background
Basic Weapon Proficiencies (Arch-Militant)
Sound Constitution +1 additional wound
Weapon Master (Bolt) _ +10% to Hit & +2 Dam & +2 Init while wielding bolt weapons._
Ambidexterious Use both hands equally well
Takedown Make a special attack to stun opponant
Furious Assault On a successful WS, gain a free second action
Rapid reload Reduce reload time
Basic, Pistol, & Thrown Weapon Proficiencies (Primitive)
Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) Attack twice when wielding two weapons
Flame Weapon Training Gain proficiency with a group of flame weapons
Combat Formation Use Int bonus for initiative
Leap up Stand up as a free action
Rapid Reaction Test Ag to negate surprise
Crack Shot Deal +2 Critical damage with ranged weapon
Heavy Weapon Training (Bolt) Proficiency with heavy Bolt weapons

Master-at-arms: +10 to prepare to repel boarders



Home World: Forge World

Birthright: Stubjack

Lure of the void: Renegade

Trials and Travails: Press-Ganged by the Chorda Dynasty

Motivation: Endurance

Career: Arch-Militant


Godfrey Branic

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