Ruled by the Lady Governess Novia the system of Dolat in the Calixis Sector used to be covered with verdant plains and rolling hills. Judged to be unable to sustain the soil nutrient content required for proper agri-world development, it was to be a world with a single purpose: To sustain the massive and bloody conquests of the Imperium.
The world is now a hive, half the surface of the planet covered in some kind of habitation the other half an industrial center. The air has been poisoned by the millennia of pollution, but is still breathable, if uncomfortable, and what soil is left is barren and scorched, devoid of any value besides training grounds for the system’s chief export: Imperial Guard regiments.

Dolat produces so many regiments that minor crusades have been launched with 80% of the manpower being supplied by Dolat. The efficiency at which everything on the planet operates allows a high turnover of material and supplies. The hive has also perfected the breeding patterns, providing precise birth rates so that a lasgun never goes wanting for a pair of hands.

The efficiency has recently (the past two centuries) gotten to the point where the population is outstripping the capacity of the factories, causing cracks to show in the fine tuned system. Lady Novia is secure in her chosen pressure release valve, however. The newly acquired system of Lost Hope should allow her to ship off the excess population to the colony of New King.

Guard Standards
Dolat follows a completely sequential numbering system. This means that although the [[St. Amaro’s Own | 336th]] is an infantry unit, the 337th is an armored unit and the 338th is artillery. The traditions of each are locked down, but their type may change. The Red Amazons went from being infantry to an artillery in the latest incarnation. It’s all dominated by The System.
Mechanized infantry are somewhat unique. All infantry recieve a number of chimeras for command and recon unit. But shipments from Smokestack dictate the mechanization of an infantry unit. If enough chimeras are recieved, a unit is considered mechanized. This defination may change in a campaign and losses mount. Losing soldiers from an infantry unit may see the regiment reclassifed. The opposite can be true as well.

Dolat production
Dolat’s equipment follows Cadian styles, except in their lasguns. They are a solely Dolat production. Made of metal and plastic, they are roughly stamped and packed. They weapons are infamous for their sharp edges and rough textures. Almost all soldiers wear gloves to prevent cuts and tears.
It is considered insulting to the machine spirits for the unitiated to polish and grind the weapons. Older weapons are more popular- both for proven reliability and additional comfort.


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