Captain's Log

Session of July 17th, 2012

Lord Captain Altes and Vorgen lead an all out assault on Akku, the heretical forge world. Landing outside a city containing a spacedock, the dynasty uses the Penchant Traveler to land troops outside the city. While offloading troops, the position is sieged by enemy troops. Vorgen leads the assault, while Altes manages the offload of troops.

Eventually, Vorgen and Altes lead an assault on city of Portel’s space dock. Assaulting a very heavily fortified position, the troops take losses but remain vistorious against their foes.

Session of July 6th, 2012

The Fortunous dynasty fleet faces off against Admiral Parvus. While massive casualties are taken by the Fortunous dynasty, the heretical fleet is destroyed leaving the solar system fairly stable.

Session of January 29th, 2012

After defeating the Eldar cruiser, we have now confirmed our suspicion that there maybe significant differences in the two-ships. As expected, Vorgen, The Indomitable’s confessor and missionary, was strongly opposed to keeping the Eldar Cruiser tied to the ship.

However, Darius and I felt the knowledge of our enemy and the power of her lances far too enticing to leave behind; despite our vulnerable position, we began linking our ships by extending enormous chains and braces between the two ships.

Using the Eldar’s holofield generator to obscure us, our vessel set sail to the nearest place of safety, the Dark side of Azama’s only moon. With only 36% of the original crew, almost any naval encounter would surely be the end of us. So, we stressed a slower path away from any plausibe trade or patrol routes.

Depsite our efforts to avoid combat, a lone raider, the Red Crown discovered us through the Dark Eldar ship’s holofields. They drew in close to fire barrage after barrage of their macro-batteries, but barely avoiding the enemy salvo, Darius fired our lances upon the heretical raider, and with a final fatal blow, fired a lance into the plasma drives of the enemy raider.

As we continued on, we came across a small convoy of Monitor-class transports. The non-warp capable vessels hailed us as the Dark Eldar Cruiser. After disguising myself as a Dark Eldar Archon, I convinced a ship from the convoy to lag behind as bait for the Indominatable, which was known to be lurking in the area for easy prey.

With all allies beyond void-auspex range, we pounced on the Monitor vessel. By killing it’s command crew and installing a detachment of the Hurricane’s to oversee the vessel, we made way again for the dark side of Azama.

Upon landing on Azama’s darkside, we discovered the planet facing side was home to a communications relay and fighter base. While secretly conducting repairs for an entire month, I encourage our military command staff to start planning and preparing for an assualt on the vessels.

Vorgen, upset by the loss of life in the battle to the take the Dark Eldar Cruiser, built a mass grave on the dark side of the moon with a small shrine to the Imperium of man.

Upon finishing repairs, the Indomintable with the dark eldar cruiser and the Monitor class Transport began to make way for our return to Apepe.

Session of January 15th, 2012

Upon failing our Stern Chase of the Hateful Strumpet, Fleet Master of Guns Darius went to the subdecks to assist in repairs, while I remained on the bridge of The Indomitable directing the vessel in system.

After observing the casualty list from the The Xenos Tracker, my finding was that the vessel was now Combat ineffective, and in the light of protecting long-term resources, I ordered the ship to return to Apepe for refitting.

The toll on our dynasty has been great. Over 40% over the crew across the dynasty were mere cave-men a year ago. Thousands have been killed and service in the Dynasty is becoming a death sentence. On a personal note, I, Altes Edderick Fortunous, swear that once the Sirens have been re-taken. I will find and colonize a paradise world in the name of the Dynasty, where servants of the Dynasty may retire in peace.

Upon conferring with Vorgen, The Indomitable steered in system on a recon mission. On silent running for many hours, the crew gres restless requiring Vorgen to intervene. Days passed with routine drills of silence until we reached Azama, the heretical pleasure planet of the Astartes system.

The strike team was launched and delivered into the atmosphere at 17:43 ship time. We have had no contact since there departure. May the Emporer save their souls, and guide their aim true.

After delivering the strike team without incident, The Indomitable took course again to the Heretical Capital, Capitas, requiring the ship to resort to Silent Running repeatedly to dodge Auspex sweeps from local listening posts, and partol ships.

Closing in on Auspex range of Capitas, The Indomitable stumbled across a Dark Eldar Cruiser.

Captain's Log

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