Tag: Xenos


  • Gemstone Rutter

    The Gemstone Rutter was presented to Altes after the [[Battle of the Maps]] by the Eldar of [[Craftworld Kaelor]]. It has a white cover decorated in dozens of the delicate gems favored by the aliens. This book includes extensive star charts for the area …

  • Hunter in Twilight

    The _Hunter_ was spotted alongside the _[[Unforgiven Betrayal]]_ during a raid on Fel Dynasty assets. She was misidentified by the Navy as a Children of Thorns vessel. Information from the [[Eldar Rutter]] indicated she was actually a [[Cabal of the …

  • Exoriator fleet

    _[[Black Gale]]_: _[[Cry of the Damned]]_: _[[Caller of Silence]]_: _[[Dark Deceit]]_: _[[Delight of Misery]]_: _[[Howling Executioner of the Void]]_: _[[Myriad of Trapped Souls]]_:

  • Hell-born Joy of Endless Ages

    A capital-ship class of Exoriators, the [i]Joy[/i] was encountered after the crew detached a team on [[Azama]]. She was equipped entirely with lances. She was captained by Archon Delacourt, who was killed by [[Father Vorgen]]. This came after the [[ …