Tag: Imperial


  • Vice Admiral Eldrige

    Commander of an Imperial Cobra squadron that operates within the Expanse. He was drunk within an hour of the ball starting. He leered openly at Lady Melia Jemache to the discomfort of all involved.

  • First Officer Mapp

    The first officer aboard Cobra Delta-12, he was a midshipman on Altes' last Navy ship. He is of great help to Capt. [[Jan Bereloch]], undertaking the political manuevers that Bereloch seems incapable of. Mapp also maintains an extensive lizard collection.

  • Father Pelpot

    Confessor aboard Sword Delta-15, Pelot has essentially become the confessor for the whole squadron. He is aggressive in his pursuit of the foes of the Imperium. Unlike Altes, he was willing to let every Emperor-fearing person die aboard the Feathered Soul …

  • Commissar Galdraia Zymatan

    Commissar Galdraia Zymatan is the woman in charge of all commissars in the Dolat troops assigned to the Golden Sirens campaign. She has remained quiet about her stance regarding deployment to the Expanse with a Rogue Trader. Many of her commissars have …