Tag: Adeptus Mechanicus


  • Smokestack

    For a forge world, Smokestack is surprisingly resource poor. Although there are great deserts that provide megatonnes of silica and mountains riddled with iron veins, it lacks much else. The Magos expect that the comparative mineral poverty is a result …

  • Dowes

    An underdeveloped world that apparently aligned with a little-known Mechanicus sect. They apparently focus on the flesh, rather than the iron. Their extensive hydroponics plants provide large amounts of food for visiting voidcraft.

  • Magos Jujenus Escarda

    Jujenus is apparently an Explorator of the Thulean sect. A capable Genetor, he holds that flesh is not always weaker. He has gone far enough to ignore the servo arms normally used by Tech-Priests and added two muscular flesh arms to his shoulders. His …