Letter To Ris Orbedis, Ordo Xenos



To the Lord Inquisitor of Port Wander

In the hollowed name of our Lord Emporer, I, Altes Fortunous, Head of the Fortunous Dynasty, Commodore of the Fortunous Dynasty, emplore your assistance in the righteous act of protection the Lord’s subjects and obliterating a heretical forge world, and Armada.

For the past two years, the Fortunous Dynasty has been engaged in a full campaign to reclaim the fabled Golden Sires. Upon arriving at the First Siren, we discovered a lost colony of faithful servants of teh emporer plagued by the constant threat of eradication of an empire of the blasmphemous occupying the other Sirens.

The second star, Astartes, is port of call to the Admiral General Parvis, and his Mars Class Battle Cruiser, the Unforgiven Betrayal. Supported by a forge world, a fleet of no less than 1 Cruiser, 3 Light Cruisers, a dozen raiders, a host of monitor vessels, and a powerful order, the baleful Admiral-General has been launching campaigns of destruction into the expanse against the God Emporer’s subjects.

Albeit weakened from destroying several flotillas of heretical ships, the fortunous dyansty and our fleet have committed our souls to eradicating the enemy, and reclaiming the Golden Sirens. We expect to be fully committed shortly.

I emplore your assistance in eradicting the heretical meance from these stars. IN particular we ask for your support to help retard the infrastructure that supports Admiral-General Parvis, while our fleets engage in more traditional warfare.

From the Bridge of St. Angevine’s Fury,

Altes Fortunous

Head of the Dynasty
Commodore of the Fleet


Letter To Ris Orbedis, Ordo Xenos

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