Haddon's Staff

weapon (melee)

Best-quality metal staff
d10 I, balanced, primitive. 3 kg


Haddon’s staff, a symbol of his position as a Navigator and a key element of the vel Halth operations in the Expanse.
The top is a modified version of an astrolabe that spins and moves, seemingly of its volition.
Immediately below it is the large, open Navigator eye.
Then comes the symbol of his house, the ancient Terran symbol for Libra.
The bottom bar of the Libra serves as a hanger to display his various rights and responsibilities. One side carries symbols of the Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperium, showing his right to pilot either groups’ vessels.
The opposite bears the various emblems of his experiences. It has two crossed feathers, representing his ability to make new charts without oversight. Next to them is an open mouth, for he can speak for the house. Beside them is a series of symbols related to what he has done.
He recently had it upgraded with an auspex and suspensors. Now the staff can hold itself upright if needed. The plug on the handle interfaces with a subtle MIU, feeding him information directly.

Haddon's Staff

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