Light power armor
Thunder hammer with glyphs, seals
Hand flamer


Vorgen was born on the planet of Seldon’s Folly, some years after the death of the Rogue Trader Marrus Seldon. He was born to fight and die in the decades long war that existed between the planetary government and Seldon’s remaining forces. Then, he started having visions wherein he would lose consciousness and thrash about, not unlike a seizure. He was committed to an asylum, deemed to be of some worth because he always spouted imperial chants during his episodes.
It was in the asylum when his visions and dreams coalesced into actual messages from Saint Angevin. He was released into the care of a bishop, and went to preach the emperor’s word on the war torn planet.
His time as a preacher was cut short, however, due to a xenos slaving vessel that discreetly landed and scooped up the entire bisphoric parish. He does not know how long he spent in that hold, trying to keep the faith of his fellow slaves, when some unknown vessel blasted the xenos craft from the skies, sending it hurtling down towards a feral planet. There he made his escape and organized the remaining humans into a roaming band. The indigenous population of humans soon provided an excellent recruitment base for his running fight against the xenos that had been stranded there. They called in reinforcements many times, but Vorgen managed to evade their parties for three years.

He joined with the Fortunus dynasty when the ship St. Angevins Fury came into orbit in an attempt to replenish their depleted ranks. He now acts as the chief Chirugen for the fleet but spends most of his time administering to the crews and bringing the word of the God Emperor to the souls of the dynasty.


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