Mordechai vel Halth

Navigator Primaris of the St. Angevin's Fury


Mordechai was the second-shift Navigator aboard the the vessel. He felt Haddon’s appointment had more to do with the man’s “overstated” political skills than his ability as a Navigator. The _ The Indomitable problems only seemed to prove that Haddon was not up to the task.

Mordechai’s History
Mordechai was born aboard the vel Halth’s flotilla (Void Born) and followed the normal path of a vel Halth Navigator from a lower line. He found himself flitting along the edges of the family fleet and exploring the ships (Scavenger).
(Ship Lorn)
Haddon’s focus on improving the family’s position is at odds with Mordechai’s nihilism. To Mordechai, he is only paying for some sins that are not explained. (Fear)

Recently, the Fury has suffered several Warp incursions while Mordechai was navigating. He is apparently stoic in response to the loss of life. However, House vel Halth donations to the onboard chapels has risen dramatically.

Mordechai vel Halth

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