Haddon vel Halth

The Navigator Primaris of the Fury and Navigator-Negotiator-General for the vel Halth House.


Haddon vel Halth will be a great man. He’s known it since his birth, when he was selected to serve as one of the open faces of the dynasty. It even showed in his strange metabolism- one that only runs on wine.
Naturally, he had a wine servitor created to serve that need.
Haddon is a capable and charming man, especially in his position as a Navigator. He even served as Acting Captain of The Indomitable when she was badly damaged fighting Rak’Gol in a rescue of the Lady-Governess of Lost Hope.

Dreams in Faded Colors
One event that disturbs Haddon is his dreams. He’s grown used to the horrors that lurk behind his eyes. One gets used to reliving when half the ship was overrun with demons, half with madmen and another half with rampaging predators from Burnscour. That’s normal for a Navigator.
But when elements of the dreams become consistent, he grows worried. For weeks, the color slowly drained from his dreams. When Tarya died for the hundredth time under the blade of an eight-armed monstrosity, the blood that flew from her neck was pale.
The goats that muttered blasphemy to him were no longer their proper brown. Instead they seemed dusty.
After the first week, he spoke to his Navigators. Asking about dreams is always a dangerous thing. They are private, personal. On a ship they may be the only things that can be kept truly to oneself.
None seemed to recall their dreams. That is not wholly unusual. But to have only Mordechai remember was concerning. He requested, with all the power of an order, that the Navigators record their dreams.
It turned out that the color loss was constant, apparently in line with the time in the sanctum.
This disturbed Haddon. Anything consistent dealing with the warp meant something. The warp is change. Constancy is an anathema to it.
A diligent search through the on board archives showed nothing to help.
Three house adepts were implanted with mind-locks and began collating data.
Nothing has been determined yet, but there must be something.

Haddon’s Outfits
For Cartius’ Ball:
Haddon wore a tailored powder blue suit and loose pants of a slightly lighter tint. The edges were decorated in gold, with gold weave through the expensive fabric. The enamel and gilding on the staff was redone expressly for the event.
His hat was in a Naval style, appropriate for an Admiral. Naturally, this was removed almost as soon as he arrive. The kerchief he habitually wears beneath it was freshly made, but exactly the same as his normal kerchief.
His shoes were made of leather from seven death worlds, brought together in pleasing patterns.
His Navigator awards were turned into rings, primarily on his right hand. Since he would gesture with this hand, he wanted to make it clear that he is more than your “average” Navigator.
His gloves are modified void-capable. In addition to their beauty, they carried the message that he is equally comfortable in a sanctum.

As a Navigator, Haddon knows far more about reality than most Imperial subjects.
One that would get an average citizen burned at the stake is the fact that Human technology is not always the best. This is especially true when it comes to psychic materials. He feels Eldar are probably the mastery of such things.
At the same time, Humanity generally makes the best equipment. It is reliable, sturdy and serves longer than any comparable species.

Haddon and navigating
It’s generally agreed that Haddon is good at everything but navigating. When the crew was cowering behind pillars while a heretic governor fired at them, Haddon stood away from cover, firing his hellpistol. When the nobles of Baggard’s End attempted to form a coalition, Haddon was instrumental in forming a durable alliance. His maps are impeccable. He’s stared down an Inquistor.
But he can’t seem to navigate. Trips that should only take a week take a month. The ship strikes warp storms. The Indomitable was surrounded by ghost ships so many times it seemed the Indomitable was a ghost herself.
Haddon takes the abuse from his fellow officers with limited grace. He accepts the insults and doubt from the lower decks crews as a sort of inter-family event. But for outsiders to question his ability can drive him to a rage. He has never lost a ship and his vessels arrive in the right system every time. Perhaps not as close as Lord-Captain Altes would like, but the Warp is a fickle thing.

Haddon vel Halth

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