Altes Fortunous

Hardened from years of service in the imperial navy, Altes is a brazen, violent man on a path of vengeance, greed, and glory.


Homeworld: Battlefleet
Born into the imperial navy, Altes served his entire career on an imperial Frigate, The Canon of Honor. During this time he served with First Officer Mapp.

Birthright: In service to the throne – Born to lead

Lure of the Void: Hunter
((Former shipmates and fleet slaughtered by a pirate captain. Altes leaves the imperial navy and signs on with a rogue trader for the sole purpose of hunting down the Pirate Captain and crew. After a couple of years of hunting, Altes brought the campaign to an end by crashing The Canon of Honor into the enemy vessel, storming across the threshold of the void, and cutting his way to the Bridge through mobs of heretical pirates.))

Trials and travails: Dark Voyage
((On the return voyage from hunting the Pirate Captain, an unknown Xeno species caught the Rogue Trader’s ship by surprise. The resulting battle ended with a pro-longed boarding action, which ended in the Rogue Trader’s vessel being completely over-run by the monstrous Xenos. For days, Altess and a group of survivors were trapped aboard their own vessel. Through an extraordinary means, Altes and a few of his surviving band managed to reach a small craft and escape.))

Motivation: Prestige
((Upon reaching civilization again, word of their miraculous escape reached the ears of many ship captains. Invitations abound came from lords, merchants, and captains to retell his story in person.))

Career: Rogue Trader
((Contacted by an individual. Altes only had a vague idea of this father’s identity. After gaining some notoreity for hunting down heretical pirate ships in the expanse and his daring manned assaults aboard the enemy vessels, he was approached by a well known figure. That agreed to lead him to his Father’s warrant for a price. In exchange for leading Altes to his father’s warrant and the fortunes that were rightfully his, the figure wanted only gratitude and a promise of aid in the future. Knowing the demeanor of Altes, a man driven by an unquenchable thirst for fame and glory, tempered by acting out his revenge, and undistracted by petty vices, the figure understood that Altes would stop at nothing to bring the emporer’s light into the void, and build himself a dynasty to be remembered in the process.))

Altes Fortunous

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