The Fortunous Dynasty's Exploits

As it Stands

Altes Fortunous holds the renowned Warrant of Trade and seeks to increase both their holdings and the prestige of the Expanse. He has inherited the Indomitable, a reliquary of Mars that has been plying the void for countless years. A ship that yearns for the adventure as much as the Rogue Trader desires Profit.
Altes is assisted by Haddon Vel Halth, the Navigator Primarus assigned to the Fortunous dynasty, and Darius, formerly the officer in charge of the lance batteries. Together they have experienced some of the horrors and some of the unique joys of the Expanse.
They have been instrumental in the overthrow of a seditious and heretical government on the planet Baggards End, have witnessed the horror of millions of soulless human husks march out of immense black pyramids, seen a changer of ways manifest in full, and have purged and established a colony on New King, of the system Lost Hope.
They are armed with the Holy light of the Emperor and will bring the light to the expanse, and hope to make more throne gelt than anyone has seen while doing it.



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