The Fortunous Dynasty's Exploits


A Time for Politics

Labor Union Agreements
Negotiated by Vorgen

  • Exclusive labor rights to Dynasty projects (A closed shop)
  • Revitalization of the poorer communities, including a new cathedral paid with Dynasty funds
  • Plenty of new work
  • Plentiful help and human services. He cured the heavy metal poisoning caused by the local aquifer and redirected the water supply.
  • Permanent labor contracts for the santiation and other public works planet-wide

Business Agreements
Negotiated by Altes

  • Construction of a mag-rail to Firstlanding
  • Additional purchases from the Minefirst Corp. for materials
  • Agreement to allow Fastwind Transport to build the first non-Dynasty transport hub on Capitus
  • Major purchases from Murdadoc Industries for armament of the monitor fleet

Governmental Agreements
Negotiated by Altes

  • No press-gangs
  • Rights to farther asteroids
  • Governor to remain as a hereditary negotiator, although all agreements must be ratified by the parliment



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